Our Mission

As a sustainable fashion brand, we are willing to pay our debt towards the environment. Deforestation stands for up to 30% of global greenhouse gas emissions, these emissions are causing an imminent climate breakdown which melts our poles, acidifies the oceans and is causing an unprecedented wildlife extinction. This year of 2019, it is calculated that 1 million species of animals and plants are now under threat of extinction. The Wafity team has decided to turn all resources and operations towards fighting deforestation and therefore global warming. 

Our global reforestation fund

We have partnered up with AmericanForests.org to finance a tree planting program, each sustainable t-shirt sold will plant 11 trees.  
American Forest partnership wafity

Hand-designed sustainable fashion brand

At the core of the project stands a sustainable fashion brand, 100% organic apparel aimed at spreading the word about environmental issues. The t-shirts and clothing are made of high-quality 100% organic cotton with a handmade design from our collaboration with Luxury Fashion brand MARIA BA.
Wafity 100% Organic T-shirtsGOTS Standard WafityWafity fair trade t-shirts

The One Step Further Program

At Wafity we want to give the opportunity for Nature lovers to help by purchasing our sustainable fashion products and therefore donating to our global reforestation fund. However, we don’t stop there, we have noticed a growing urge for helping which cannot be limited to financing programs. Becoming an environmental activist is an ultimate goal which we can help you achieve: 
1- Purchase a Wafity product 
2 - Apply to the One Step further program
3- Go volunteer for a nature reserve program in the Ecuadorian jungle.
4- Become an environmental activist.
"Something you can’t touch is something you can’t love" - One Step Further Program.
Contact us at info@wafity.com to participate in the One step further program.