How can sustainable fashion reduce plastic pollution in the oceans?

The oceans are rich in a wide array of marine creatures and natural resources. We draw great benefit from them and one cannot imagine our lives without it. However, our carelessness and indifferent attitude towards the utilization and preservation of these resources have brought them under threat. One such detrimental activity to the well-being of the marine ecosystem is the dumping of plastic waste in oceans. From bottles to bags, different kinds of plastic waste ends up in our oceans. Annually, millions of tonnes of plastic are dumped in the oceans which not only becomes a choking hazard for marine life but on a whole, disturbs the natural balance of the marine life. That is why it is imperative that we take action to minimize plastic pollution in our oceans. Thankfully, there are groups that realize the gravity of the situation and are trying their best to do their part in improving the situation. Among various projects, the introduction of sustainable fashion, especially organic T-shirts, is capable of making a difference in this fight against the menace of plastic in our oceans.

Sustainable Fashion industry and ocean plastic pollution

Infographic describing dissolving times in the ocean for plastic materials (2019)

Non-biodegradability of plastic means that the best way to deal with it is through the recycling process. By doing so, rather than ending up in landfill sites and oceans, plastics can be utilized for something constructive. Sustainable fashion gives us this opportunity by using recycled plastic as raw material for products like organic T-shirts.  This has a double effect as it not only takes the plastic waste out of our oceans but provides an environmentally friendly option for responsible consumers.

Apart from transforming plastic waste into an everyday piece of apparel, the sustainable fashion industry has the potential to do much more. Through its products, like organic T-shirts, it can create awareness by spreading the message of sustainable use of plastic and the protection of our oceans from garbage dumping.  Sustainable fashion brands can employ eco-conscious business practices that further limits the impact of plastic pollution. Sustainable fashion is not restricted to organic T-shirts only. Big brands like Adidas are implementing practices that can reduce adverse environmental effects. In 2018, Adidas produced more than 5 million pairs of shoes that used ocean plastic waste as a raw material. Such examples set a positive trend in the market and encourage other brands to observe similar methods.

Looking ahead, there is room for innovation in the sustainable fashion world. Globally, work is being done by scientists that can be integrated into the products offered by the sustainable fashion industry. As a long term goal, it can introduce the use of biodegradable plastic in its organic T-shirts so that they can decompose if they are discarded. This can only happen if the plastic waste figures have been brought down and there is a need to maintain those numbers. To expedite the process of reducing existing plastic waste, sustainable fashion brands along with other environmentally friendly businesses can invest in research that can combat plastic. Plastic eating bacteria is one such example which can make a difference in the long run. 

Our products are becoming more and more eco-friendly, with the introduction of our organic t-shirts and our recycled packagings. 

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