5 superpowers that make trees our best allies against global warming.

Industrialization and the growth of cities have made our lives considerably easier. Goods are readily available and, in general, living standards have improved. However, there have been unwanted consequences as a result of this urban growth, the self-sustainability of our planet is something we can’t take for granted any longer. One such consequence is the clearing of forested land to produce livestock and crops. Deforestation has many adverse effects on the environment as it disturbs the balance of the ecosystem and these disturbances are evident from the climate breakdown that we are experiencing today. In order to undo the negative impact, it is imperative that we trust and care for our biggest ally against global warming, trees. Since the very beginning of life on this planet, trees have used 5 amazing superpowers to maintain balance in our eco-system.


Trees are the most advanced carbon dioxide air filter

Global warming is perhaps the driving force behind the devastating climate change. This occurs when the percentage of greenhouse gases like carbon dioxide increase in the atmosphere which absorb the ultraviolet rays from the sun. As a result, the rays remain trapped within the earth’s atmosphere and cause a rise in the earth’s temperature. This can wreak havoc by causing various calamities such as flooding, heat waves, droughts just to name a few. Again, it is the human contribution that has accelerated the global warming process. Emissions from our factories, vehicles and livestock production contain greenhouse gases like methane and carbon dioxide. To offset their effect mother nature has given trees the capacity to absorb carbon dioxide the same way sponges would do.

One widely cited 2017 study estimated that forests and other ecosystems could provide more than one-third of the total CO2 reductions required to keep global warming below 2 °C through to 2030.

Photo by Andrew Neel

Photo by Andrew Neel 

One out of two breaths you take is given by trees

Trees cannot only reduce global warming but can also curb its existing effects. Trees absorb carbon dioxide at the same time that they release almost half of all the oxygen on the planet. As a result, we have a lower percentage of greenhouse gas in the air and makes the environment healthier as a whole.  The rest of the oxygen in the atmosphere comes from the oceans. Phytoplankton release oxygen has a result of the photosynthesis, but this source of oxygen is highly threatened as it has decreased by 40% since 1950, guess the cause? Exactly, rising ocean temperatures due to global warming. 

A shield against floods

If you think Captain America’s shield is cool, wait until you discover what trees can do! As mentioned earlier, trees can control the effects of global warming as well. In fact Trees in flood-threatened regions can act as a protective shield from floods and reduce the groundwater levels as well. They can also act as natural shades in times of extreme heat and make their surrounding cooler. Now that Climate breakdown is well underway, we will be very grateful to have trees protecting our houses and cities from floods.

Avoid droughts and increase rainfall

It has bee observed that regions with densely populated trees can increase the rainfall and combat droughts. This occurs when the air carries the moisture off the surface of the trees which in turn, accumulates in the clouds and increases the quantity of the rainfall.

The above-highlighted factors are just some of the reasons why one must promote planting trees. Forests have an extremely good capacity to recover, with a little help from our side and with strict government regulations, the victory against global warming could just be around the corner.

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